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How to prepare for current affairs?

If you are preparing for any government exam (Like UPSC, SSC, State government, Bank exams, etc) which includes exams, interviews, you have to read newspapers.

Why is it most important to read the newspaper?

Because, in Government exams, there are three stages of exam i.e preliminary, Mains and interview. In all the three stages of exam, they ask questions related to Current affairs.

In order to write about the current affairs, you need to know about the facts and points related to the event. For that you need to have "Fodder and newspapers".

Now you will have a question, Which newspapers should I read?

I prefer, Economic times and Hindu News papers. Don't focus on all the topic in newspaper. Just take notes based on your previous question papers regarding the current affairs.

How to prepare/take notes from newspapers?

I suggest you to go through the old question papers of your exams, after that you will get a rough idea about questions which will be asked directly or indirectly from newspaper. And then try to focus that topics in the newspaper.

When you prepare notes of the incidents or events, try to focus on reasons of the incidents and suggestions and prevention, main cause of the incidents or accidents. When you take a event or any news, just focus and take notes on reasons, future modification, prevention, etc.

It is not important to focus on numbers, names of the event members and other things in the news paper.

Why you should prepare current affairs from my site?

I suggest you take notes of the current affairs from my site for free, because when I searched for current affairs in browsers, I went through a lot of websites. But these sites doesn't make any difference in making notes, I just felt like copy pasted from website news articles. As you guys, even I'm preparing for government exams, So I thought, why don't we help others who wants to prepare current affairs. I just started to making notes regarding the current affairs and I just thought to share it with you all and it makes me remember the topics which I prepare. If you like my way of preparing current affairs, please do share my site. So that someone might get help.

If you have any queries or suggestion about my preparation, please comment below. So that we will be able to help each other better.

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How to prepare for current affairs?
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